Travel application can be submitted if there is available spot, and with advanced payment. Application is valid only if signed by an authorized person from the agency and by a client, and represents the Travel Contract. With its signature, client confirms that he is familiar with the General terms and conditions for travel of “EURASIA TRAVEL DMC” and that he accepts them completely.

Application and reservation are confirmed only with advanced payment of 30%, and the remained amount must be paid 10 days prior to the trip. Reservation without an advanced payment is valid for 48 hours, after which is being cancelled. If the payment has not been done in a fixed-term “EURASIA TRAVEL DMC” will consider that the client has given up the journey. 


Prices for all arrangements are given per person based on services mentioned in the program. Every additional request regarding the accommodation requires additional payment and must be outlined in the Travel Application. “EURASIA TRAVEL DMC” reserves the right to change the prices of the arrangement, in case of changes of the currency parities or transport price changes, until the whole amount of the arrangement has been paid.


Complete withdrawal from the travel is considered as a cancellation, and any kind of changes concerning a Contract-Travel application are considered as a change (travel date, accommodation, change of clients…). In this case, client needs to agree in written form before the arrangement starts, or continue with the travel and make a payment with clearly specified deadline.

The duration of the arrangement is marked with calendar days marked in program, depending on the first and last service from the program. Its duration doesn’t have to be 24 hours.

If the client withdraws from the arrangement due to a circumstance which was not his fault (death, accident, unexpected deterioration of health…) “EURASIA TRAVEL DMC”  is obligated to return paid amount with reduction of handling costs to a client. 

In this case client is obliged to deliver to “EURASIA TRAVEL DMC” written confirmation about the cause of cancellation from authorities within the 5 days.

In any other case “EURASIA TRAVEL DMC” has the right on the compensation due to cancellation or changes according to mentioned deadlines, and percentages related to total amount of the arrangement:

ACCORDING TO DEPARTURE DAY                           FOR A CANCELLATION                  FOR CHANGES

From 16 to 21 days                                                                    30%                                                      10%

From   9 to 15 days                                                                    50%                                                      15%

From   4 to   8 days                                                                    80%                                                     20%

From   0 to   3 days                                                                    100%                                                    25%

From these compensations the programs with specially mentioned conditions of cancellation are excluded.

In situation that “EURASIA TRAVEL DMC” cancels the arrangement, the whole amount without the interest, will be returned to a client.


Changes in the program of travel and its duration are possible owing to higher force and other circumstances that “EURASIA TRAVEL DMC” can’t predict, avoid or eliminate.   

In case of the reduction of the program for reasons mentioned above, client has the right only to refunding of money in the amount of the actual costs “EURASIA TRAVEL DMC” would have had if the arrangement happened according to program.

During the trip, it is possible to change the schedule of the program. This kind of changes does not include money compensation.

“EURASIA TRAVEL DMC” keeps the right to provide accommodation in hotel of the same category if it is not possible to realize accommodation according to the program.


Client is obliged to present an eventual objection on the spot, during the travel and to make written notes about it with the representative from “EURASIA TRAVEL DMC”, that is, with an authorized person of the service provider.

Client is obliged to deliver his written objection, together with a proceedings made with a “EURASIA TRAVEL DMC” representative, within 8 days since the last day of the program. “EURASIA TRAVEL DMC” is not obliged to consider any reclamation, which do not satisfy this conditions.


Clients are obliged to get themselves informed about all the necessary documents for travel so as for the visa approvals and documents that need to be submitted.

“EURASIA TRAVEL DMC” will, based on these documents, only be an agent in process of getting the visa approval.   

“EURASIA TRAVEL DMC” is not responsible for mistakes in passports or for the late delivery of all documents needed for visa approval. “EURASIA TRAVEL DMC” is not responsible if the diplomatic or consular representation rejects to give client a visa, or in situation that emigrational departments of foreign country forbids entrance to a client.

All possible costs are born by the client.

Foreign citizens take the obligation to get informed about visas in their consular representations.


Clients need to take care about their luggage during the program. Possible claims due to damage or lost of luggage during the bus transport are realized directly through a bus operator. This does not exclude the obligation of client to take care about his luggage.


Optional excursions are not included in the price of arrangement. A guide on the spot receives applications and payment.          


If the client aborts the travel with his will or if he is prevented to continue with the trip because of the made violation or disrespect of the program and guide’s instruction, so for that reason he do not uses planned services, “EURASIA TRAVEL DMC”  is not obliged to accept request for a compensation. Client bears all consequences of the lost (stolen documents or in some other case of disappearance) of personal documents, money or luggage before, during and after the travel program. “EURASIA TRAVEL DMC”  do not take the blame for flight changes, so it is necessary to check the exact flight time 2 days before departure. All the hotel categories in the arrangement are given according to a official hotel categorizations of the country where the hotel is.