About EurAsia Travel DMC

“EurAsia Travel DMC” is a travel agency that is established and operates in Montenegro. As a subagency in the sale of tourist arrangements, we have the desire to be intermediaries in the merging of distant countries, peoples, languages and cultures. Jozef Censhik says that: “Tourism connects people, while the tourist service separates them.” We want to show how a tourist service can serve to connect people so that our goal is to be an example of a reliable touristic partner that will strive for a connection between the needs and wishes of our clients, respecting the obligations and deadlines for our business partners.



Our agency’s mission is to provide the best B2B services to the global travel trade with the best prices. With special care and unwavering personal engagement, we want to create an environment of satisfied clients and partners who will always return to our agency.



Our vision is to be a synonym for a reliable, unique, innovative and successful subagency that constantly sets multiple standards, achieves successfully set goals and, operates in accordance with the time it comes, offering more and more content and services.

We are here to save your time and make your stay as pleasant as possible.